Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ph Balanced Coconut Milk Hair Cleansing Method/skin care tip too

I am always looking for good hair cleaning methods. I have tried the baking soda/water mixture as a cleanser and ACV rinse and found it dries my hair and scalp too much. I have tried aloe vera mixed in with the ACV and that helps some. I have also tried just honey/water mixture as a cleanser and ACV/aloe mix as a rinse and it still seems to dry my hair and scalp. I had a long time ago tried coconut milk, in a can and liked the softness of my hair afterward but my scalp itched like crazy. Now that I am making my own coconut milk I think I may try this again.

Update: Tried it. I made a coconut concoction with coconut flakes and aloe vera juice. This makes at least two or three shampoos worth.

1/2 c unsweetened coconut flakes
1 cup of aloe vera juice
5 or more drops of melaleuca oil (tea tree oil)

 I blended all three ingredients together in the blender, and strained the pulp out (don't throw out the pulp!). poured the "milk" in a glass jar. I used about a third of the mixture to wash my hair and am waiting for my hair to dry to see how it feels. It seems softer and less dry.

What I did with the pulp:
I set aside the pulp and added honey and a few more drops of tea tree oil to use as a facial mask. My face feels so smooth. The oil from the coconut flakes really is great as a moisturizer. Tea tree oil is great for acne and honey is a great moisturizer as well. All three ingredients are antibacterial.

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