Sunday, June 30, 2013

Linky Post -The sequel

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Epic fail/confession

Ok so I was doing really well, or so I thought with this way of eating, but could never quite get my sugar levels to stabilize. It would drop in no time even though I was eating what seemed like plenty of food. What was the problem? Apparently I am not consuming enough healthy fats.
Since I have tried cut out the carbs my body needs something else to run on. I am uncertain what amount of fats would suffice. So this whole week was a bust. I ate gluten free buns and bagels made with rice flour. I need some form of energy to get me through the week especially with the new management position I am in. I am constantly on the run.
I have also read some on soaking or sprouting grains and seeds to reduce the amount of phytic acid and oxalates in them to make them easier to digest and will have to explore that further.
So until payday on Friday I will be eating carbs. Then I will be able to do a good shopping to try to start again. My biggest issue is having time to prepare the amount of foods I need to get through the week. Cultured foods take time, preparing enough food for the week takes time and the only day I have is Saturday to do any of this. I have looked at online resources for cultured food but it is very costly.
Well I expected setbacks. I expected there would be times like this before I even started and I think that is the reason that I don't feel overwhelmed or feel like giving up.
I want to be healthy and I believe God lead me to this eating choice. I will have times of setbacks and need to just work through it, and be forgiving toward myself if I occasionally don't adhere to it all. Try, try again.