Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fermenting veggies

I just successfully lacto fermented my first batch of veggies. I used cabbage carrots and beets and made an interesting sauerkraut.

I am currently fermenting a ginger soda starter. using just filtered water, ginger, and sugar. I really hope it comes out. I think both I and my husband would like this.

I did a second batch of yogurt and have been finding coupons for organic foods. I am excited to finally be on top of my health. Not to mention the independence I feel being able to do this for myself and not have to depend on already made, processed, refined and otherwise adulterated food. There is a certain feeling of empowerment doing this.

I wanted to add some of the resources I am getting these DIY ideas. I will make an official links page hopefully Friday.

For now here is my link to my pinterest board that has some of the resources and recipies.

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